How to handle bad habits of your kindergartner?

learninghouse.caToddlers develop so many obsessive habits during their developmental years, which are bad for their dental and oral development. Some habits include: body rocking, Sucking thumb, head banging, pulling their hair, fingernail biting, and picking nose.

A significant thing that all homeschooling parents must remember is that every child finds ways to relieve boredom, anxiety, or fatigue in their younger lives. An obsessive habit is an outlet for any form of emotional trauma or stress. By countering the core issue, you can counter the problem.

Sucking of the thumb:

Infancy is when you will first find your child indulging in this habit. As the child ages and matures, the little one develops greater understanding and self-control and leaves the habit. However, prolonged continuance of the habit can lead to,

  1. Calluses or sores on the fingers/ thumb
  2. Flared teeth
  3. Nail infection and systemic infections
  4. Narrow jaws because of continuous inward sucking force

Interventions to get rid of such sucking should be done consistently and patiently.

Biting of the nails:

Another very common habit is biting nail, especially if the child is nervous or bored. Prolonged continuation of nail biting may cause,

  1. Inflammation of the cuticle, leading to bleeding
  2. Infection of the fingers
  3. Small notching and chipping of the teeth edges

Starting a daily nail care routine, including using a moisturizer to smooth out and soften the nail skin and to prevent dryness is a good idea. Make sure you use hand lotion on your child repeatedly after hand-wash.

Biting of the lips:

Biting and licking of the lips can start when a child tries to smoothen chapped skin by biting on it, gradually turning habitual. If the habit is prolonged it may lead to,

  1. Red irritated lip skin
  2. Lower lip furrowing.
  3. Dental problems

Use a child friendly lip balm to get rid of chapped lips. A dentist can also offer appliances that can help stopping the habit.

Although there is no reason for a homeschooling parent to worry if the oral habits stop after age. However, if the habits persist, it is important to talk to an expert. You may also have to stay alert and stop your little one whenever they indulge in any of such habits. With just a little effort and advice you can certainly counter the problem and help your child.

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